LovelifelipoedemaDay10Today we called home to talk to our daughter, it was her first day back at school and we were keen to hear how the day unfolded for her. For me the day was hard, I had Endemologie at 9 am and for the first time I hurt a lot, more than I have ever felt pain, I was sick in my stomach and generally feeling unwell. I laid on the couch for most of the day with a short two hour nap in bed, I was sad on the inside and I really didn’t know why.

I guess today was the day I started thinking about whether or not I had done the right thing, I was only stage one and not up to stage two or three yet, I have been so incredibly lucky to have a wonderful husband that supports me and wanted to be more proactive about the condition rather than wait til it was worse. Still I know that the pain that I have been through is excruciating and for me right now I just don’t know. 

I am not a medical expert but I am a woman and unfortunately we don’t seem to have a great deal of patience sometimes, but I am wondering will the swelling ever go down, I cant sleep on my sides which is how I normally sleep so sleep for me is almost non existent. I love my sleep and this whole process is really throwing my body and mind out.

I am incredibly jealous of the girls that reported no pain at all and that their recoveries have been a dream, I am tired and in so much pain! I am starting to see that everyone will react differently to the treatment also, ladies that are in the later stages have inflammation in their nervous system therefore almost making the pain non existent. I need to be kind on myself right now and realise that I just need to rest, I feel terrible though because I want to go out and explore this amazing country and talk with the other girls that are here, but I just cant do it!.

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Sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine, how does the weather go from snowing a little over a week ago to balmy sunny t-shirt wearing temperatures!

I wasn’t feeling like socialising today, which was a shame as we had made plans to head out to a festival with great Bavarian food,music and beer! I have been feeling bad that my poor husband has been missing out on going to some breweries considering we are in the heart of beer country in Germany! Instead today we decided to take a little walk and take in a little fresh air, well a little LovelifelipoedemaDay12fresh air turned into completing the sculpture walk here in Schwarzenbach. 5 kms was the posted distance for the walk, I wasn’t sure at first due to the pain I have been feeling in my legs. For me the greatest pain has been on my saddle bags and also on the inside of my lower legs from my ankles up to my calf on the inside edge. I was LovelifelipoedemaDay12Cworried I wouldn’t be able to do the walk but pushed on regardless, what was the worst that could happen, I need a good rest and have to turn around. The scenery around here is simply amazing, I have attached some pictures but they really don’t do it justice, the warmth again on my skin was a welcome feeling, I even took off my jumper which is almost unheard of for me!

Super proud and extremely tired I made it around and completed 10,000 steps for the day a massive achievement for me considering how poorly I had been feeling. I believe that you do need to give yourself time to rest after the operation, I think I speak on behalf of most women that you just push through and don’t realise just how large the operation was that you have been through. Give yourself permission to heal you owe that much to yourself!

Dinner was spent at home tonight and thankfully so I think I will be sleep like a log in the forest tonight!



I opened the windows to the apartment to hear the lawn mowers and people feverishly preparing their gardens for spring. You know that smell of freshly cut grass that makes you feel warm on the inside, well that’s exactly how it made me feel, home! I have been longing for my home and more importantly my bed, there is just something special about being in your own bed. I love bed, completely obsessed with it and for me that it my safe place to recharge and relax. Nevertheless today was massage day with Jutta and the crew back from New York! I was excited to see her, I don’t know if I have said it before but that woman is a gift from a another planet. She is warm, kind, caring and real earth mother who settles all nerves and anxieties. My scars are hardening under my skin which is completely normal and the Endermologie helps to loosen everything up, wow it was sore today but a very welcome pain!

Today we were considering heading to Berlin but with washing and planning to take place we decided to head to Berlin first thing tomorrow morning. I have booked our accommodation near the start of our walking tour that I have booked also. I don’t know how I will go but with such limited time and not wanting to spend heaps of money, I will just need to suck it up and go with it! We LovelifelipoedemaDay13Bhave booked a panorama window hotel room so we can see both sides of Berlin at night, I need to feel like I am on holidays rather than a self inflicted pain and torture journey! With the sun beaming through the window as I booked everything I convinced Brendan to take me to Bad Steben for a coffee and cake. Such good food but so bad for us lippy ladies, I will be going home for a diet that’s for sure! Bad Steben was just beautiful, we walked the whole town and stopped at Riechels, a must stop for anyone that loves chocolates and cakes! For those that like a lot of milk in their coffee you need to ask for a macchiato latte, which is a small shot of coffee topped up with warm milk. I also included in my indulgences a slice of pineapple torte, Brendan had a mousse torte but trying to photograph that was almost impossible as he inhaled it LOL.

Behind the Therme in Bad Steben there is a beautiful park and walking trails, well that leisurely stroll turned into another 2.7km walk through beautiful forest like settings. The flowers at this time of year are also magnificent! I love flowers but I am a terrible gardener, but the tulips that are in bloom at the moment are breathtaking some are bigger than a decent sized orange! The colour LovelifelipoedemaDay13Apalette is also so different and varied from deep red, to pale pink and variegated colours or ruffled petals, at every turn there is just colour everywhere! Pansies, hyacinths, daffodils and the list just goes on, for someone not that into gardening I am blown away by the colours and designs!

With tired legs and full belly we headed home for another relaxing evening so I can dream about all the wonders that Berlin will bring me tomorrow!