D day, operation day, I woke up thinking everything was going to be OK, but really it was the calm before the storm. Speaking of storm, overnight the sky had delivered me beautiful soft white fluffy snow, I have never seen snow like this before so I was completely mesmerized by the sheer beauty of it!

We walked down to the practice, again a bonus being so close, I was ushered into the first floor operating room. It hit me like a ton of bricks, fear, so much fear that I was screaming on the inside. I went into a trance like state and just did as I was told, I undressed and put on the very fashionable stick on underwear, from their the girls were busy prepping everything when Dr Stutz walked in grabbed a coloured texta and started drawing all over my legs. He was marking out the contours that he would be operating on, next he took some photographs from all angles so that we can see the before and after results. Then the operation began, my husband was there watching in his scrubs, he looked very handsome! The operation took 2.5 hours, it was weird and at time painful. The pain LLLWalkingtosurgerywas also unusual not what you are used to feeling, the whole time the doctor was very nice asking if everything was OK. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t great and I cried a lot but I think that may have  just been me, so many others that have been, report feeling nothing. When it was over I was so happy, I was led into another room where I was cleaned and bandaged then snugly placed into my compression garment.

My highlight of the day was walking out and seeing another patient Pat, her warm smile and open arms were exactly what I needed. She had been through her first leg operation and arm operation. The comfort that we find in each other in this community astounds me, I really don’t think anyone could truly understand what you are going through unless you have been through it. Headed home after talking with Pat’s husband Alex, I was feeling very sorry for myself and extremely emotional. Praying I had done the right thing and doubting my decisions.

There is something to be said about having someone with you, there is no way for me that i could have attempted this without my husband. Having someone to just be there and hold your hand when you are sad helps more than i ever thought. I cut laps around the apartment for the afternoon as the day was snowed in. Dr also advised to stay in doors as the wounds were leaking from the operation. Oh the leaking let me tell you all about the leaking; during the operation the process involves high pressure aesthetic liquid being pumped into you, so once the doctor is finished it is necessary for the liquid to go somewhere and that somewhere is out of you! You are wrapped in puppy pads and in an adult diaper, that you will not get a picture of lol there are some things that you just don’t need to photograph!

Night time could not come fast enough for me as I just wanted the pain to stop, I took all the medication that was given by the doctor and proceeded into the shower. I wanted to be clean and warm, it made me really ill to see the blood and leakage washing out of my bandages. You cant take your compression off for two weeks so you need to get used to bathing in them. Then came the hairdryer, to help dry the compression garment. It takes a while so get ready to be standing/sitting for at least 30 min to get everything reasonably dry. Once I was dry I climbed into bed which is harder than it may seem, everything seemed to hurt and there was no comfortable position. I finally fell asleep which was so amazingly welcomed!



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