LLLSnowDay2Today was a home day, I am feeling sad and sorry for myself and generally just wanted to be left alone. The snow has made it hard to get around but Brendan made me take two small walks around the village for 20 mins or so. The fresh air was good and something I needed but didn’t realise at the time.

FirstOpPicI have slowed down on the leaking which is also a bonus and today was the first session of Endemologie. Endemologie is the use of a machine to help move the fluid around and help to break up the tissue from getting hard after surgery, Jutta is a true treasure a nicer more honest earth mother you will never meet. It was painful but good in a very weird way I felt like the lumps and bumps were being broken up so that the scar tissue had the opportunity to heal properly.

Today the emotions started to bubble to the surface a little, not exactly sure what I am feeling today, I am tired, it hurts like nothing I have felt before ( and I have a child!!!) will this operation help me? So many questions running around in my mind at the moment!

I hope you all love the sexy picture of me in my compression, wrapped with puppy pads to make sure I don’t leak everywhere! The compression that we are given here in Germany has a modestly section so you need to wear your underpants on the outside! I felt like a super hero and could do nothing more than laugh at myself and the situation!

I am feeling off my food today, not really in the mood to eat too much. I am normally a good eater but maybe the stress of the operation, slight anxiety and discomfort has all come together to make me feel queasy in the stomach?



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