Another home day todLovelifelipoedemaDay6Aay, walk in the morning was nice to get the joints moving and enjoy some sunshine, we walked right to the end of the village today and up a few more hills which almost killed me but again was good. Massage again with Jutta is always something all the patients here look forward to, spending time getting relief and the hope that you bump into some other patients in the waiting area is always nice too for a chat!

Pats husband Alex was waiting for Pat to finish her treatment and we had the opportunity to talk with Dr Stutz also, life, politics, the doctor is an amazing man and someone who truly believes in the work that he is doing. It fills my heart with confidence that people who are vulnerable, scared and generally in a bad way can take solace in his care knowing that he really does care about his patients and how they feel.

It was another trip to shops to stock up on supplies, its a nice outing and a nice chance or excuse to get out of the house, so shopping every couple of days is a good thing! My husband is beer mad and has found the bottle shop next door, I think he has bought one of every beer that was in the shop to date, I am not a beer fan myself but for the ladies you need to try the cherry beer, its delicious!



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