LovelifelipoedemaDay8Today is market day, we decided to take the morning easy so that I wasn’t too worn out for all the walking at the market, we had decided to all meetup at the market as a group but unfortunately with limited telephone services we only managed to find Scott and Sandra. Spending the afternoon wandering the streets in the sun was just what the doctor ordered, yes their were so many people that it was a little crazy but still even through the chaos there was so much to take in. The smell of food being cooked, the beer being consumed and the sweets OMG the sweets were something else! There were nick nack stores galore; but we had to try the food so for lunch it was time for a fresh bbq bratwurst sausages in a fresh crunchy roll with mustard. To say it was mouth water is an understatement, it was a flavour explosion in my mouth.


Myself and Sandra

More walking was in order to get that lunch out of our system. This market only happens twice a year we found from a local once in May and again in October so we were really happy that we caught this one. There were hand made items, clothes, scarfs, shoes, tools, smoked and cured meats, hand creams, and local produce. The live entertainment was also fantastic, the funny part we found was that they were singing the songs in English with English lyrics but then talking in German, I found that most people could understand English at the market stalls but some of the older population looked at us blankly, this required our terrible German pronunciation to come out LOL!!!!!

Finally we embarked on the finding of something sweet to eat, the bakery that I stopped at was called Reidels there was a plethora of cakes and slices its only a shame I couldn’t get a photograph for you as the line to be served was 4 deep and 15 people across, this was by the looks of it the place to eat cake! I ordered a raspberry slice that was raspberry jelly with fresh raspberries and a yummy crumbly cake bottom. Sitting on communal benches was a fantastic way to surround ourselves with the conversations, sights and sounds of the market. A very beautiful young lady sat down next to me with a dessert that made us all stop dead in our tracks, it was know as the Dampf Nudel, a light fluffy cake pastry filled with a raspberry jam almost like a jam Berliner covered with vanilla custardLovelifelipoedemaDay8D and more raspberry coulis. Heaven in a dessert you could not find anywhere else, we thanked the young lady who spoke very good English for recommending it to us.  It was finally time to head back to the car with an exploration of the beautiful gardens of the Therme, which are the thermal ponds in Bad Steben, the architecture and garden plantings were breathtaking, no pictures unfortunately could do it justice! I have attached some to the blog post to give you an idea of the beauty! It was time to wind down for the night and let all that food settle!



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