Monday brought the swing of normality back with Endemologie scheduled for everyone, the Stutz crew were in New York for the first four days of this week so we had the lovely Isabella to do our Endemologie. Our appointment was at 10 so we proceeded down the hill, on our arrival we found that there was a little scuffle going on with another patient being incredibly rude and very pushy about a compression garment.

Something glaringly obvious has occurred to me, that we are a very passionate lot! Sometimes this can be a good thing especially on our quest to find a cure for this disease, but it can also turn people completely crazy! After seeing the care, attention and time taken by the Stutz practice it infuriated me that self absorbed individuals who place their own insignificant priorities before their own healing process should simply be quiet. If you are going to be making the journey to the other side of the world to help yourself, then give yourself the time and attention that you deserve. This is a massive decision and one that not many people take lightly, allow the time necessary for things to happen! Garments are an absolute must have after surgery, and if your surgeon is not getting you into them then you need to take the initiative yourself. Dr Stutz is insistent on wearing your garments 24 hours a day for 14 days, this is to help with swelling of the limbs, helps the connective tissue in your limbs to reconnect after surgery and generally keeps everything together. So please do yourself a favour and make sure this is a priority on your list!.

After our consult we decided to walk up to the shops to one get some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. On our trip back from the grocery store we were wolf whistled by a very pretty lady, it was the fabulous Nancy and Joe. They were heading to their appointment and we decided that would catch up after their appointment as we had missed them at the festival yesterday. We headed home LovelifelipoedemaDay9Aand relaxed, the pain for me has been intensifying and to be honest the bruising is crazy bad on my feet and ankles, they say that you get to day 5 and 6 and it seems to really get sore. Trust me it has! Day 5/6 also brings the emotional roller coaster from hell! I cant tell you why or how, but the Jekyll and Hyde transformation in emotions is really tough. I am feeling like I have finally done something about this condition, albeit its not a cure, but I am sore, sad and moved that I had the strength to do this! I am normally a very outgoing individual but this has certainly kicked me in the pants with me preferring to spend lots of time curled up on the couch!

Everyone’s appointment’s had been finalised so Pat/Alex and Nancy/Joe headed up to our apartment to say hello, we sat out in the sun on the wall of the path and talked for hours, it was so good and so much laughter, laughter they say is the best medicine and I am really finding the good times helps me to forget the pain of healing. It was discussed that we head out for dinner together as group to farewell Nancy and Joe as it was possibly the last night we would all be together as different people had different commitments. We would head into Bad Steben to La Piazzetta for dinner; the food was amazing again and the size of the serves were massive. I guess you don’t come to Germany not to get fed hahaha. I had a wonderful rump steak with artichokes, mushrooms and onions on top in a creamy sauce, oh you can throw your rad diets out the window when you come to Germany too there is just no way you an continue the healthy eating that hopefully you are used too!  A sneaky glass of rose always helps the food go down. With more great company many more laughs and the need to move our full bellies we decided that ice cream was the order of the day (the irony of that as i write it is crazy!)  Joe has become the local information guide on the best places to eat while in Bad Steben, so he suggests his favourite ice cream bar which is only a short walk away. I ordered the amazing ice cream spaghetti which was actually made from yoghurt with fresh berries and syrup.LovelifelipoedemaDay9

Food is something that I am passionate about, from all accounts, growing, storing and cooking. Its the fuel that keeps our bodies going and the key for many of us in managing our lipoedema. Emotional eating is one of our biggest problems, we can all agree that we have tried everything and when everything doesn’t work we decide to say “Stuff it” and eat! I’m not sure if I have already mentioned it but eating bread, rice and pasta here in Germany has been a real treat. Normally I stick to a very strict diet of no “White Poison” which is bread, rice, pasta, potatoes and sugar but I have noticed here in Germany that I don’t get the inflammation, pain and headaches! Food standards in Germany are very different to here in Australia and probably the USA too, they are a lot stricter on their use of pesticides and chemicals in general. I wish I could stay here in my little food coma forever!. 




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