My journey has been an interesting adventure, but I am sure its important to understand where I have come from and why I made the decisions that I have!

Three and half years ago I was fortunate enough to not see my normal GP, I say fortunate because the GP that I did end up seeing informed me that I may have this thing that she had read about called Lipoedema! (Knowing what I know now all I can do is laugh and cry due to GP’s lack of knowledge of anything!). She advised me that she had no information to give me and that it would be best to try and find out through internet searches all I could!

I had been suffering extreme weight fluctuations from 50 kgs to 110 kgs for many years but my legs really started not changing in size as I got older, I have attached a picture to show you all, as so many people often say it does not even look like me, but trust me it is.


I felt lost, alone and I was so sick of being told to simply eat less and lose weight!
I ran home from that doctors visit and eagerly googled “Lipoedema” well that ended in tears, I was scared, really scared! All I could see was the the image we have all seen of Stage 1, 2 and 3 with no real information.

Instantly I thought my life was over and I cried for hours. The following weeks were focused on establishing as much information as I could find.

I found the details for an amazing Manual Lymphatic Drainage expert who i called and started to put the pieces of the puzzle together for me, I finally felt like I may find some answers.

Over the last 3.5 years I have worked feverishly to become the healthiest person I could be. If you want to find out exactly what I have done through Nutrition and Movement then please follow the link to understand what I have done to date!

My decision to under go liposuction was a very long process. I have agonized over the decision fearful if I would receive the results that I wanted and dreamed about, but one thing I can say now is to focus on being Lipoedema free rather than a reduction in size. Removing this disease from my body was my focus, getting healthy and ensuring that for the rest of my life that I was fit, healthy and able to live a completely normal life was paramount!

Deciding which surgeon to see is a very personal decision and one that I want to emphasis is completely yours. You alone need to feel that the surgeon has your best interest at heart. Throughout the journal you will understand why I chose Dr Stutz and the level of care that I received.

I ask each of you to remember that there is no right or wrong method, right or wrong doctor, and everyone's journey is just that their own journey, I share with you all my journey in the hope to fill the void of information around Lipoedema that I felt when I found out.

My methods may not be right for you but it may help you figure out what works for you too, give everything a go, don’t turn your back on your well being and future health!

Importantly I also point out that this can be a highly charged environment mentally, by this I mean that there can be a serious amount of emotions vested in the progression of this disease that you may not realise you are carrying, be kind to yourself and try to identify all that makes you the amazing person you are. Remembering always that others have their toolbox of emotions that they have built over years due to this disease so being empathetic is super important.

Lastly I want to point out that it is irrelevant on the Stage or the Size of your body, there is not one person who suffers more than another, it is all relevant to the individual. Having spoken completely honestly and raw to women Stage 1 to Stage 4 I know we all suffer from the same core concerns, so please don’t judge against those that may be smaller than you or larger than you.


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