Brendan decided that I needed to get out of the house and get some fresh air, this lead us on a small adventure to Little Berlin approximately 30 min away from Schwarzenbach. It was nice to be out and have the sun shine on my face. The history here in Germany is just amazing and to consider that all this stuff happened so recently is a little scary too. We walked around the museum and took in the movie that showed exactly what happened in this amazing little town. Walking around the wall and observing how these town folk would have lived is truly remarkable. The use of such force to keep people in there place was extreme and it was evident in the tools of choice that they used. I am starting to feel a little panicked that we are running out of time in this beautiful city, I want to get in the car at every opportunity and just get out and explore.

Heading home we decided that this weekend might be a good opportunity to make plans to head somewhere for the weekend. We met up with one of the other girls who is here having her surgery also for a short walk up to the shops to get a few items as tomorrow is ascension day and a religious public holiday, you need to be careful of these and make sure you know what is happening when you are making plans so that you don’t get caught out. This afternoon we promised Nancy and Joe that we would see them off before they left tomorrow morning. Its really lovely the way everyone bands together and you find really amazing people that you just love spending time with. Tiredness seemed to catch up with me in the afternoon when we got home so I spent some more time on the couch which is where most of time in Germany has been spent.

Emotional roller coaster seems to be the words that swirl in my head about this whole operation, everyday I wonder if I am doing the right thing. My pain is becoming bearable, and the 24 hour wearing of the compression is completely weird but I know that I need to wear them. I dont know what my legs look like at this stage, I am too scared to look to be honest. They are swollen, I am panicked and just generally unsure. Getting out seems to be the best medicine, walking and taking in the fresh air. As many people know our lymphatic system does not have its own pump, so by our own movement we are enabling the lymphatic system to work. The more I move the better I feel!.

We organised a time to head to Bad Steben for a quick farewell to Nancy and Joe which turned into an unexpected dinner date. La Piazzetta was on the menu again as the Greek restaurant was unfortunately closed. Note here also restaurants seem to open and close and just not open whenever they feel like it so always make sure you have a plan b! Prawns were on the menu tonight for me and boy were they amazing, they were enormous! I certainly recommend them if you get the chance to dine at this fine establishment! Another great day winds to a close and I am really seeing our days accelerate far too quickly!


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