Today was road trip day! Woo hoo, I have been feeling badly being cooped up in the apartment but it has really been hard getting motivated when your body doesn’t feel right. We packed the little suitcase and we were off to Berlin, the drive there was longer than expected due to some traffic jams, its funny the one road in the world that you can drive like a maniac and there are traffic problems. Coming into Berlin was amazing, the first thing that I saw was the Victory column or the Golden Lizzie and instantly I felt butterflies in my stomach, I had always wanted to see Berlin, it was a dream of mine to explore Europe at some stage in my life and one of those dreams was coming true today.

LovelifelipoedemaDay14EThe drive through Berlin was a little hectic being a Saturday with tour busses and people everywhere, after some skillful driving my husband made it to the car parking station out the front of the hotel that we booked. The car park was normal standard collect your ticket and park, nothing too crazy here! Which is good as you seriously just don’t know when you go to another country! The hotel that we booked was the Park Inn by Radisson, its located near the market district, and right next to the LovelifelipoedemaDay14famous TV tower. I wanted a room with a view so booked the panorama view room which guaranteed two windows to see as much as you possibly could! We had a wonderful surprise when we were upgraded to the 16th floor in room 17, the room was beautiful and located right on the corner of the building, the check in manager was so pleased to upgrade us when I told him that i wanted to take it all in and how much i had been looking forward to this trip.

I booked a walking tour of Berlin, crazy you might say so soon after surgery but I wanted to push myself and see what I could do, I have felt so trapped in the apartment that I wanted to see if I could actually do this! After a little stress from me we finally found our way to the meeting point of the walk, The guide that we had was an American accented gentlemen and he was lovely his name was Torben. There was approximately 15 people on our tour today. This tour turned out to be better than I LovelifelipoedemaDay14Acould have ever imagined, our tour guide was so knowledgeable and so giving with the history of Berlin that I felt like we were given the keys to the city. Walking through the Brandenburg gates, standing in the square where the infamous book burning took place and seeing the final remnants of the Berlin wall were only a few of the highlights of the tour. I have included so many pictures for you today as I had such a fantastic time! My legs were on fire at the end of the tour but we still had to walk back to the hotel, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it but I knew my heart and head were buzzing and that adrenalin got me home. Here is the link for anyone interested, I would recommend it without a doubt!

LovelifelipoedemaDay14BTonight we decided to eat in the hotel rather than go out to a restaurant or walk anywhere extra(otherwise I might have needed a wheel chair). They had the option of a standard restaurant serving a wide range of cuisines or traditional German food which my husband was craving, so German it was!  The waitress brought around the obligatory bread but not with butter, with pork lard. I smelt it and instantly i was taken back to my childhood, my mum used to make this LovelifelipoedemaDay14Cinstead of using butter when i was little. I tasted it and started crying, crazy i know but i couldn’t help myself it was like I was 9 years old all over again, i know that food is an emotional topic but wow did this really hit a nerve! For entree we ordered the peppered strawberry salad with pecorino and rocket, to say this was yummy was an understatement, we had to ask twice about the peppered strawberries but as you can see from the picture they are real strawberries lol

Portion control in Germany has been thrown out the window, i feel bad but i am so hungry tonight! Main course for me tonight is going to be the roulade with red cabbage and dumplings. Another meal my mother would make for us, i am starting to see just how much of my great grandmothers German influence has been had on the way we eat. Another fantastic meal to end a tick on the bucket list type of day for me!

Time for bed to the twinkling lights of Berlin, thanks for wonderment and the full belly (with a few pain relief tablets oh my legs!)  LovelifelipoedemaDay15


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